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All About Alterations

One of the subjects we get a ton of questions about is alterations for your wedding dress! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of what we get asked the most about alterations specifically.

First of all, going into wedding dress shopping you should expect to need alterations of some kind. If you end up not needing them, great! But nine and a half times out of ten you will need something done.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is your dress and if you choose to not get alterations done, that’s your choice! But before you make that decision, just remember that you are going to be looking at pictures of yourself in this dress for the rest of your life. So ideally, you want it to fit you absolutely perfectly.

What Is The Alterations Process/What Do I Do?

So you found your dress, congratulations! And you need alterations. Most bridal shops have a seamstress or two that they recommend to their brides. We of course have seamstresses in the Bend area that we work with all the time! We give you their information and it is then up to you to decide who you want to work with and when you call them. You will call them directly and set up your appointment with them. Once it is time for your appointment, you take your dress to them. Don’t forget to bring your shoes and any undergarments you want to wear! Your seamstress will pin the dress to where it needs to fit on you and then keep the dress and work on it until your next appointment. You will again try it on with your shoes and undergarments and any more adjustments needed will be made!

How Long Do Alterations Take?

Without sounding too vague, it depends on the schedule of the seamstress you choose. Typically speaking, at minimum you want to save 1-2 months to get them done. If your seamstress has a busy schedule, there’s a chance it will take much longer than that. The best way to make sure you can get your alterations done in time for your wedding is to call your seamstress fairly soon after getting your dress to see what her schedule is like. If you have time, we recommend calling at least 3-4 months in advance because you just never know!

How Much Do Alterations Cost?

Another question we get a lot of! As bridal consultants and not seamstresses, it’s difficult for us to give you exact quotes on how much different alterations will be. It is up to the seamstress to set the prices. Obviously the more complicated the alteration, the more expensive it will be but again, it is up to the seamstress to set the prices. With that said, on average, most wedding dress alterations cost somewhere between $300-$500. If you need to have your dress essentially rebuilt, then it will most likely cost more than that. But if you only need to have the straps adjusted, there’s a good chance it will cost less. On average, most brides end up needing a hem, a bustle, the top taken in a little bit, and if there are straps they usually need to be adjusted.

What If I Think I’m Being Overcharged?

Let’s say you’ve made it through your first alterations appointment and you get the quote for everything and it seems like it is way more expensive than it should be. Knowing the average price points for alterations, and if your dress doesn’t need a complete rebuild, if it seems like you’re being overcharged, there is nothing that says you can’t take it to someone else. It is your choice! If you are uncomfortable with the price, it is okay! You can always get a second opinion! Again, this is your dress and your decision! We always encourage our brides to call and interview and talk to multiple seamstresses to see who you are the most comfortable with! Just because you were given the business card of one seamstress does not mean you have to use them! It’s up to you!

Have a question about alterations we didn’t answer? Feel free to call or email us at 541-330-8887 or

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