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Losing Weight For Your Wedding

Looking your best is something that most brides want to do for their wedding. For some brides, that includes losing some weight.

We hear it a lot! And based on our experience with the wedding dress and losing weight, here are our tips to lose the weight you want to without complicating the dress process!

1. Decide how much weight you want to lose

This seems obvious, but needs to be said! Especially when you’re going to be wearing a beautiful and expensive dress at the end of the weight loss journey. Don’t just lose weight aimlessly, set a goal for yourself!

2. Decide if the amount you want to lose is realistic for you

Trust us, we believe you can do it if you set your mind to it! But you also need to be realistic with your body, your timeline and making sure you are still being healthy! There’s a difference between wishing that you could lose 50 lbs and having 6 months to do it. The best way to do it is to be realistic with what you think is possible for you in the amount of time you have.

3. Keep your dress in mind

In an ideal world, brides would have already lost the weight they wanted to lose before they come dress shopping. We know that this almost never is the case. Sizing can get a little tricky when you’re losing weight. Depending on how much you’re planning on losing, you can sometimes order a smaller size. Or if you’re measuring in between sizes you can go with the smaller size. Keep in mind that about 20 lbs. is a whole wedding dress size.

4. Know where you lose weight

This is something that I hadn’t thought of before I started working in bridal. If your dress is only fitted on the top and flowy on the bottom and you only lose weight in your hips, that really won’t affect the size of your dress. Or if you lose a lot in your stomach and hips, that also won’t affect the size of a flowy dress.

5. Be done losing weight by your first alterations appointment

There is literally no point in going to your first alterations appointment if you’re still losing weight. All that will happen is that you will get the dress taken in and at your next appointment you will have to have it taken in again … and so on. My best advice is to be done losing weight by your first fitting.

6. Talk to your consultant!!

We are literally here to make your life easier. And when it comes to sizing and losing weight, we want the dress to fit you as best as possible, so talk about what your plans are and we can help you understand how many inches you need to lose/help with what size you should order. We have had many conversations like this and are here to help!

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