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Understanding Bridal Sizing and Not Feeling Horrible About It

Bridal sizing. The dreaded conversation. Nine times out of ten when we measure brides and show them where they are falling into the designer’s size chart, we get a look similar to this one:

Listen, it’s okay.

If you normally wear a size 10 and are measuring into a 14/16 in that designer’s size chart, it is okay! Bridal sizes are different. They run small, so the number is about 2 numbers larger than what you would normally wear.

We get it! This is a day where you want to feel and look your absolute best and your beautiful dress is two sizes larger than what you’re used to. It can take a little getting used to.

What you don’t want to do is panic because of the number and pick out or order a wedding dress in a size that you’re not measuring into. When you do that, usually what happens is the dress ends up being too small (even if you lose a little weight) and you have to either pay a significant amount of money to have the dress let out enough to fit you, get a new dress, or just wear the dress even though it’s super tight. In the case of the dress being way too tight, sometimes it creates rolls that aren’t there (back fat). You want this dress to fit!

What you want to do is disregard the size. Easier said than done, yes, however, it is just a number. And just because you’re measuring into a larger size than you normally wear does not mean that you are that size in everything else. It is just a number and you are not defined by that number.

Trust us, you will feel so much better about yourself on your wedding day if your dress fits well. Wedding dress shopping will be so much easier if you accept that the sizing is just different.

The goal is to find you the dress that makes you feel beautiful. It does not matter what size it is.

We are here to help you feel awesome about yourself regardless of what size you measure into. If you are concerned or worried or just want to talk it out, ask your consultant! We talk to every single bride about it and are here to answer any questions and calm any nerves.

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